About Me

Let me introduce myself...



I am an enterprising web developer, data scientist, researcher and blogger passionate about building solutions that make a difference. I am more focused on creating lasting enterprise solutions for clients ranging from individuals to small and medium scale businesses.

Front-end Developer

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Designing and building fully functional and responsive website. Creating online presence and brand awareness for clients. Enabling overall sales growth to over 30% within a few month. Continuous maintenance and support for client needs.

Data Scientist

Jupyter, Pandas, Matplotlib, SciKit-Learn

Extracting insights from raw data, processing those insights to inform meaningful opportunity to clients. Using Data Science tools to build systems that offer direct value to the customer by providing robust data analytics.

Back-end Developer

Python, Django, Node.js, Javascript

Building customized, user friendly and clean web and mobile appications for businesses. Developing highly available and scalable applications to handle load changes. Providing best practice and deliverying industry trends to keep clients ahead.

You can reach me here